Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Sharing

It was so exciting to see so many Nav 2 faces this afternoon on our Google Meet chat - thanks for getting on board with us, we really do miss you.

Joseph has written a couple of great poems for us to enjoy, and Samuel has sent some photos of what he has been up to.

Enjoy your weekends together.

Joseph Scott

She builds invisible traps, weaving them. 
she lurks in the shadows, asleep,
waiting for a bug to be cursed into her baffling home.
The bugs' frantic efforts are not enough to make the trap generous.
It does not let go.
the spider's fangs pierce the skin,
it wraps it up and scuttles back to wait for its next meal.

Joseph Scott

If i was the wind i would
i would knock over trees
whistle down to the beach
and rough up the seas.

If i was the wind
I would reach out for kites,
and plop them in trees,
way out of sight

I'd sweep into gardens,
first thing in the morning,
I'd capture the washing
without any warning

I'd gather up clouds,
and cover the sky,
then whisk them away
in the blink of an eye

If I was the wind
I'd fly high and fly low
But where I had come from,
No-one would know.

Wild family hut

Flag quiz

Banana bread and lolly cake - before they were gobbled!

Hard at work

Noah's multi-tasking skills are sure being used now... listening to Pax and completing Mathletics!

Great to hear so many of you getting outside for bike rides and walks around your neighbourhood. Asher is making the most of the sun, having fun on his bike.

William walked up Rogers Track. What a great view! 

Huts, Art and Baking

Katie has been very busy over the past week. Making yummy Rice Bubble slice, building an impressive hut and getting arty!

Click this link to explore Katie's hut.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Supporting Your Child

We know that you are able to access a lot of resources at this time. This Mana Ake website might be a goodie to check out for you and your family.

Mana Ake @ LPS

Pizzas, Art and Gooseberry Tartlets!

Check out what the Nixon household has been up to over the last few days!

Macaroni Cheese

Annabel has also been whipping up a storm in the kitchen. On Wednesday she made lunch for her whole family. 

Before cooking...

After cooking! 

You have one lucky family Annabel. Looks like a delicious lunch! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Carrot Cake

Maddox took two days to create this unbelievable carrot cake! He is going to tell us all how to make it (I can just imagine the delicious smells in the Pettigrew kitchen!)

Keep sharing your awesome learning with us.